Monday, October 13, 2008


That's right everyone only 2 full weeks left to get the amazing offer of 50% all orders placed by Oct. 31st. with Christmas right around the corner this is a perfect way to not only show your love but to also preserve those memories. This is a great gift that keeps on giving.

Please have all orders placed by October 31, 2008 to receive the 50% off deal and email all pictures and or questions you may have to :


Thursday, October 2, 2008

That Special Gift

Is there a person in your life that seems like they have everything, or they are just extremely hard to shop for. Maybe you want to give someone in your life a special gift that will last a lifetime. Why not invest in a Picture Quilt. Picture Quilts are not only a great way to perserve those memories but also a great way to keep warm. Picutre quilts come in 5 sizes and a multitude of colors: Black, white, blue, brown, pink, red, yellow, orange, green, purple. Need a different color just let me know when ordering.

Lap quilt - 34" x 48" - $135.00
Large lap quilt - 56" x 64" - $195.00
Twin bed - 63" x 82" - $245.00
Queen bed - 84" x 92" - $295.00
King bed - 92" x 92" - $325.00
*shipping is 15.00 on all orders*

You can choose to fill all the blocks with photos, or alternate your photos with other color blocks. Each block is bordered with a fabric in your color choice,called sashing, and the entire quilt is then bordered with two borders, the inside border measuring 3" or 4" (bed quilts get the larger border) and the outside border measuring 5" or 6". Quotes and poems can also be used in your
quilt, and can be printed directly onto the fabric. If you would like to include poems or
quotes, please include them in the email order. You can also send me scans of artwork or other items to be included in your quilt.

After doing some internet research I came up with the prices which are 50% less than most of my competitors. Please feel free to email me at you can also submit your orders and pictures here.